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1.  The resistance to raising the retirement age for women is mainly the product of the prevailing mentality and the current system.  In the twentieth century the generally accepted attitude was that women are the weaker sex and must therefore have shorter working lives than men after which they should look after their grandchildren.


2.  The proposed changes to retirement provisions which fly in the face of what until now has been accepted wisdom are better adapted to market reality.  However they also require a change in mindset and the way women are perceived in the workplace and at home.


3.  Unfortunately the majority of our politicians have a patriarchal attitude to the question and it will be years before they will change their views.


4.  In the discussion on raising the retirement age, we have to deal with all the accumulated myths and prejudices such as for example that older people will take jobs away from the young and that early retirement is the best thing there is and people aspire to nothing other than their retirement privileges.


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  1. Re: Answering Tomasz Lis… [0]Yeah, women seem these days to have an equal to men professional position. Maybe the one of
    parents caring for the children should be specially treated as regards retirement, but this
    person shouldn’t necessarily be the women.

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